Sex Therapy New York

Sex Therapy For Women New York

Women have come a long way in their sexual comfort since the 1950ies. Young women in particular tend to be comfortable and informed sexually. However, for some the present day hook up culture is experienced as threatening and has kept them from being out there dating. They may feel self-conscious about perceived physical imperfections or lack of experience. They may have difficulty climaxing in a partnered sexual encounter and feel uneasy about asking for the stimulation they would like. For some climax is difficult or impossible in any circumstance.

How is Sex therapy for Women Different from the same for Men?

Sex therapy for women is in many ways identical to sex therapy for men. The focus is on their own comfort and pleasure. I encourage my clients to explore their own sexual needs and wants before they involve a partner. Homework exercises are designed to increase your understanding of your body and sexual interests. Any anxiety or concern regarding partnered sex is examined and dealt with before I encourage gradual introduction of partnered sexual exercises.

Women who are not in an intimate relationship use sex therapy to deal with their own sexual concerns before they start dating and get involved with a partner sexually.