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Topics of Interest

I often see items in the media, that I think are of interest to anyone who considers sexuality in a functional and social context. On this page I will provide links to some that I found particularly noteworthy.To clarify: this does not mean I endorse the content or agree with the authors.

The New York Times published this editorial concerning the visibility or lack thereof of gay individuals in the United States.


Low testosterone in aging men is a diagnosis that is vigorously promoted in advertising, and has led to an exponential increase in testosterone prescriptions in the United States. This article describes the arguments pro and con the treatment of ‘andropause’.


Below is a personal essay that appeared in the New York Times by a woman who finds herself being a virgin in her mid thirties. Her observations are lighthearted and slightly humorous. However, I have worked with a significant number of men and women who were in her situation and very anxious about it. Virginity, once universally treasured (at least for women) now often is viewed as a burden as individuals age beyond their early twenties. “How will I tell a partner that I never had intercourse?” they wonder. In the age of finding one night stands via swiping of an app sexual inexperience of any kind has become an embarrassment for many.

I help my clients who come to me with this concern sort out how they are feeling about their situation. Is it social pressure that makes them uneasy? Would they like to experience intercourse by are nervous about it? Are they worried about their sexual functioning? Depending on what we find there are various strategies to help these clients move forward in their lives.