Sex Therapy New York

What to expect from working with me

My philosophy is that everybody has the power to make significant changes in their life through greater self-knowledge and behavior change. My treatment orientation is both behavioral and attitudinal, designed to expand my clients’ understanding of their sexuality and achieve greater enjoyment and satisfaction in their sexual experiences and many other aspects of their lives.

My work centers on engaging with you as a whole person and not treating your sexual experience as a separate concern. I seek to discover how, aside from technical and biological factors, your problem fits into the greater context of your life and shapes your experiences.

Part of my initial session with you is a very detailed and thorough conversation about your current sexual functioning and experience. This includes the history of the problem, how it initially presented itself, what context it occurs in, and how it has developed since you first experienced it..

We will look at your sexual history, your family history, your history of relationships, as well as medical history and any major life issues. After we define a specific treatment goal together, we will map out a strategy of practice that you will work at between sessions to help get you to your goal. Follow-up sessions are to debrief what happened in the practice exercises and to define the next practice steps together.

I frequently receive referrals from urologists, gynecologists and other physicians to integrate medical and psychotherapeutic treatment.

Most sexual problems can be significantly improved within a few months of sessions spaced weekly or every other week.

I operate on a fixed fee per session basis. While I do not work with insurance companies directly, I issue an insurance-ready receipt for you to submit for out-of-network re-imbursement.

Payment can be via Venmo, Zelle or credit card.