Sex Therapy New York

Lesbian Sex Therapy New York

Lesbian couples are known to have relatively frequent, high quality sex that often lasts longer than the encounters of their heterosexual counterparts. However, sexual problems occur in this group as in any other group.

What Causes Loss of (sexual) Interest with Lesbian Partners?

A frequent problem is a disparity in of sexual interest or loss of interest in one or both partners. We know that many women in monogamous sexual relationships lose some of their sexual drive for their partner after a few years in the relationship.

It is not clear why this wide spread phenomenon exists.  Relationship related issues like conflict in the relationship, divergent life goals, poor sexual communication, or anxieties and inhibitions of one or both partners often play a big role. I help lesbian couples to discover what drives their difficulty and help them define their sexual goal. Collaboratively developed homework exercises serve to help the couple create opportunity for undemanding loving sensuous experiences and sexual pleasure.