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It is highly likely that pornography has been with us since early human history. Sexual depictions in paintings,  sculpture, photographs, dramatic arts, music, and writings have been created by virtually every civilization, both ancient and modern, for the purpose of sexual arousal.

Pornography Can be a Useful Tool for Sexual Health – In Moderation

Today, there is a great deal of negative press about pornography and Internet porn. I do not subscribe to many of these broad brushed perceptions. Pornography can be a very useful tool for sexual health with quick masturbation or to get focused on sexual matters with fantasy material that inspires sexual initiation and excitement with a partner.

However, many years of daily, or maybe more than daily, masturbation to Internet porn to the exclusion of partnered sexual encounters may condition men to respond only to pornography. Many men in these situations develop very exacting methods of self-stimulation that their bodies become accustomed to, which in turn are difficult to transfer to a partnered sexual situation.