Sex Therapy New York


In my work with clients, I sometimes recommend the use of specific sexual tools to promote the ease with which sexual arousal can be experienced and integrated.

Vibrators. The most prominent of sex tools are vibrators. They can be used by both men and women in pleasurable ways by touching sensitive areas of the body. This may include both genitals and non-genital areas that respond well to stimulation.

Specific Vibrators I have recommended include:

The Hitachi Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand, which is a powerful, plug-in vibrator for external stimulation.

The Mystic Wand

The Mystic Wand, which is a smaller battery driven vibrator. Safe to use in the tub, and has various speed and pattern settings.

The Pocket Rocket

The Pocket Rocket, which is a small, battery powered vibrator for external stimulation

Additionally there are vibrators in the shape of dildos, which are suitable for both external and internal stimulation. Some of these are curved to provide additional g-spot stimulation.

For couples there is the ‘We Vibe’, a vibrating contraption that can be worn during vaginal intercourse and stimulates both partners simultaneously.


Masturbation sleeves: these are masturbation tools for men. The penis is inserted into the masturbation sleeve with lubricant to simulate penetrative sex by sliding the penis in and out. They are to be used with copious amounts of water based lubrication in order to produce a penetration like sensation.

I recommend these masturbation sleeves for solo practice of ejaculatory control and sensory focusing exercises.


Maverick is a slender but accommodating blue pipe that is open on one side. It fits snugly on virtually anyone, and has a nubby, stimulating lining.

Palm Tec Sleeve

The Palm Tec Sleeve is a clear, smaller but thicker soft tool for solo stimulation which can also be used by couples as an introduction for couples masturbation or beginner oral sex.

Fleshlight Flight

The Fleshlight Flight has a soft interior that warms up to the body for enhanced sensation.